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  • Who We Are is a website 100% focused on finding U.S. businesses that offer discounts on products and services to people 50 years of age and older. Discounts consist of food, entertainment, home services, travel, health, and a whole lot more in hundreds of cities across the country.
  • Who we serve targets one of the largest, most viable buying groups in America: Seniors (ages 50-70).
  • Why they're vital

    Thousands of people turn 50 every day. Most of them live in two-income households. Many of these individuals plan to continue working into their later years, so they will have more money to spend and longer to spend it than any group before them.

    Not only do seniors possess this tremendous purchasing power, active lifestyles, and well-defined tastes, they are at the peak of their spending habits, control over half of the country's wealth (U.S. Census and Federal Reserve).

    Seniors today choose to live well. Their priorities included their living conditions, their appearance, eating right and living well. They are interested in a high quality of life, seeking convenience, speed, and quality for a reasonable cost.

    We offer a treasury of discounts that transform these interested consumers into educated, motivated, and loyal prospects for local businesses.

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