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  • About Sciddy is a place to find U.S. businesses that offer discounts to people 50 years of age and older. Discounts consist of food, entertainment, home services, travel, health, and a whole lot more in hundreds of cities across the country.

    Our mission is to recognize the largest, most viable buying group in America: seniors. Not only do seniors possess tremendous purchasing power, active lifestyles, and well-defined tastes, they are at the peak of their spending habits. As a result of this, more and more businesses are working to save seniors money. So we dig deep, unearthing the senior discounts available at businesses across the country. We offer a wealth of information that we hope brings a loyal new following to local businesses.

    We strive to provide the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date listing of senior discounts for goods and services. That's why we add dozens of discounts to the Sciddy website everyday. But because of the wide scope of senior discounts available, our biggest challenge is to identify ALL of the businesses that offer these discounts. This is why we ask for your help in finding discounts. We will then post your contributions upon confirming the discount with the appropriate businesses. (We also request your help in correcting any outdated information that may be on our website, as things do change!)

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    • Three simple steps to get you to the most unbelieveable discounts around!
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      Check for senior discounts offered by local businesses.
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      There are two ways to share on Sciddy. First, share the discounts you find with friends and family. Believe us, they'll appreciate the savings. Second, share new discounts you find with us! Sciddy is constantly in search for senior discounts. If you come across one we've missed tell us about it here!
    • USE IT.
      Visit the local business, mention the senior discount, and enjoy the savings. Then, remember to come back again as we're constantly adding new senior discounts to the site.
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